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EyeSeeEuphoria: The State of Happiness with Eyewear

Kirk & Kirk Eyewear

Kirk & Kirk Eyewear

Unique, vibrant colorways and immaculately engineered, Kirk & Kirk Eyewear’s innovative and abstract thinking has disrupted the optical industry. The British eyewear brand is ran by the dynamite duo, Jason and Karen Kirk. The two have mastered the art of creating unique eyewear that people love. Each design embodies intricate detail and is composed of acrylic material. Kirk & Kirk eyewear is comprised of 3 collections; Vivarium, Solarium and Kaleidoscope. Each collection is unique but maintains the identity of Kirk & Kirk Eyewear.  Listen to an in depth interview with Jason Kirk of Kirk & Kirk Eyewear on the Defocus Media podcast.


New Colors from the Kaleidoscope Collection


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