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Vidal Erkohen of RVS Eyewear Interview

Vidal Erkohen of RVS Eyewear Interview


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I’m sure you have seen the colorful and vibrant sunglasses Rihanna has been rocking lately. They are beautiful, sophisticated, made from high quality materials and are sourced from top of the line components. The Genius behind these RVS Sunglasses is Vidal Erkohen. I consider it an honor to announce Vidal as designer of the month. Every Monday of May, I will showcase my favorites from the RVS eyewear collection.

Vidal has a unique eye and a distinct vision for his eyewear. He started designing eyewear in 2006 because of his unmatched love for them. He started as an avid eyewear collector and the more he collected, the more his knowledge grew. He started imagining what he could do if he was to create his own brand. He followed through with that dream and that is how the brand was born. It was born out of sheer love and a deep passion for eyewear with distinctive and signature touches.

RVS Eyewear was launched in 2006 as the first eyewear brand to be based out of Istanbul, Turkey. It was founded with the goal of bringing back the quality and originality that was characteristic of eyewear of the past, and the brand has done an exceptional job with that. It is gradually becoming a major player in the eyewear business. The unique designs, splash of color and attention to detail, make RVS appeal to all races and ages.
Eye See Euphoria interviewed Mr. Vidal Erkohen recently and he gave us insights into what motivates him, how he started his business, what fuels his passion for eyewear creativity and how he unwinds (when he does). Here are excerpts from our interview.

Interview with Mr. Vidal Erkohen of RVS Eyewear

Eye See Euphoria: Describes your company/collection in one word.

Eye See Euphoria: That’s a powerful one word description. Where do you draw inspiration from to create your eyewear styles?
Vidal: It is something I love to do and love to follow. This is the reason i follow everyone and everything in the business all the time with the outmost joy. I believe this is why i will always take joy in what i do and hopefully get better at it with each year thats passes.

Eye See Euphoria: I like that. What makes you so passionate about eyewear.
Vidal: LOVE. Blind, undivided and endless love.

paris limited edition sunglasses eye see euphoriaEye See Euphoria: Where do you draw inspiration from to create your eyewear styles?
Vidal: I have a very classic and old school style to me in every aspect but when i do go crazy i like to go all out…it is pretty much how i live my life. I think this shows in my designs as well. My life and character very much reflect on my design and dictate when i come out with.

Eye See Euphoria: Your eyewear is known for its striking frames. How do you source and treat your materials to get them to do what they do.
Vidal: Color combinations are everything in our collection. We like to be the first to do some combos that other companies won’t do or just don’t like to take the chance to try. I think it works nicely as we only use Matte finish. It is one of our signature aspects and really smoothes out the combination of all the crazy.

Eye See Euphoria: Describe your style.
Vidal: Classic Chic with a twist of lemon.

Eye See Euphoria: Very well said. Can you explain the distinctive red screws on your designs?
Vidal: All of our hinge screws are hand painted in red one by one. The reason we do this is to emphasize on the hand made aspect of our frames. Today every brand claims to be handmade, and while I’m sure everyone knows that every frame does go through a machine process, we take pride in doing everything that can physically be done in hand as so. This is why we have made the red screws our signature on all of our frames. It is the sign that you are purchasing something that has truly been hand treated and hand made to every aspect.

palladium I eye see euphoria sunglassesEye See Euphoria:  What are the eyewear trends we should be on the lookout for in 2015?
Vidal: As Karl Lagerfeld said “Remember, trendy is the last stage before tacky” be different.

Eye See Euphoria:
 Can you give us 5 things from your bucket list?
Vidal: Travel to Antartica, stay at sea for a year, buy myself a Paul Newman special 1960s Rolex Daytona, Get a gold medal at the IBJJF Brazilian Jiu jitsu european championships (i got silver in 2012), world domination.

Eye See Euphoria: What are 5 of your favorite foods?
Vidal: Steak tartare, calf liver, sea urchin, oysters and most everything involving brain/intestines etc….i know I’m terrible.

Eye See Euphoria: Do you have a role model? Who are they and why do you admire them?
Vidal: My parents. For everything they have gone through and the fact that through it all they have still managed to prevail together in good days and bad.

Eye See Euphoria: What is your weirdest habit/hobby?
Vidal: I am in love with watches almost as much as eyewear. I spend hours looking at vintage watches and reading history about them.
Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to us. We thoroughly enjoyed the interview and wish you all the very best in your future endeavors.

In collaboration with RVS Eyewear, Eye See Euphoria will give away a pair of sunglasses (Model: Playa) to one lucky winner. On May 31st we will have a random drawing and one lucky winner will WIN a pair of RVS Eyewear. Good luck, friends!


Giveaway Rule | Subscribe to blog for a chance to win (upper right corner)The competition is open from May 1st 12:00 PM EST to May 31st 5 PM EST. The winner will be announced after 5 PM EST on Facebook and Instagram.  This competition is open to anyone anywhere in the world who has a post office that can deliver mail to their dwelling!! Good luck and thanks again for your support. We appreciate you so much.  Special thanks to RVS Eyewear and Olakunle Lawrence of Lawrence Consulting LLC (Editor).

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