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3 Reason to Wear Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses

3 Reason to Wear Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses

Elite. Legendary. Iconic. The Oliver Goldsmith brand is synonymous with luxury independent eyewear. The Oliver Goldsmith brand was birthed in the 1920s and has become a staple brand amongst elite optical shops and eyewear connoisseurs. Oliver Goldsmith has been worn by the likes of Princess Diana, Michael Caine and Audrey Hepburn to name a few. The iconic independent eyewear designs are cleverly engineered and unmatched. Below are 3 reasons why every eyewear connoisseur should own a pair of Oliver Goldsmith eyewear.

1.  QEC:  QEC are among the most important letters in the Oliver Goldsmith brand. Oliver Goldsmith designs every single piece of eyewear with quality, elegance and comfort in mind. His goal with his eyewear is to make every man handsome and to make every women feel beautiful.

Q = Quality
E = Elegance
C = Comfort


2.  Story: Unlike a vast majority of eyewear designers, the Oliver Goldsmith brand has a story. Most brands are in the business of selling frames, but Oliver Goldsmith is a firm believer in selling the Oliver Goldsmith history and heritage. Once you buy the story, you buy the brand and become a part of the Oliver Goldsmith family.


3.  Consistent: The Oliver Goldsmith brand has been in business for almost a century. Their success is due to never losing track of the original vision. Oliver Goldsmith consistently provides eyewear that is made of impeccable quality, complete elegance and is naturally comfortable.


Over the last 90 years, the Oliver Goldsmith brand has created a story. A story full of rich history and heritage. Oliver Goldsmith has created immaculate designs that embodies quality, elegance and comfort. Oliver Goldsmith eyewear is a necessity in every eyewear connoisseur’s collection. If you are interested in learning more about Oliver Goldsmith, please listen to his interview on the Defocus Media Podcast or shop Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses.


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