Eye Adore | Stardust Bohemian

posted by Darryl on May 28 2015, under Eye Adore

Bohemian style, with a touch of rock and vintage appeal.  Friends, I introduce Sera of Stardust Bohemian. This Hawaiian fashionista definitely knows the value of eyewear when it comes to fashion.  Her love of eyewear revolves around metal round frames with the perfect tint to give the design tremendous flare.  This week we are glad to make Sera a part of our Eye Adore Series.

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posted by Darryl on May 25 2015, under Eyewear

Hello eyewear lovers.  The Playa model by RVS eyewear has such a dynamic and edgy appeal.  I first saw this frame on Rihanna and she definitely nailed the look.  The classic aviator design is unmatched and versatile.  Make sure you subscribed to the blog for a chance to win the Playa model.   Good luck!

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Eye Adore | The Shoe That Fits

posted by Darryl on May 20 2015, under Eye Adore

Finding the perfect eyewear can be quite the challenge. There are several obstacles one may encounter such as finding the ideal shape to compliment one's face or the perfect color scheme. This week, we would like to highlight Nitya from The Shoe That Fits blog for her keen eye for eyewear. Nitya has chosen the perfect sunglasses which radiates an elegant yet sexy feel.  The timeless Miu Miu design can be worn in several ways. Nitya has taken one frame and transformed three outfits by creating completely different looks. Choosing the proper frame can enhance one's outfit and save money. 

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Reflecting Sun Rays

posted by Darryl on May 18 2015, under Eyewear

Wow! It's hard to believe that we are already more than halfway done with our month of RVS eyewear.  Although we may not highlight a RVS frame every Monday of the year, the brand will remain a fixture and a part of the Eye See Euphoria family.  This week we would like to highlight the Reflector model.  This design is perfect for the Spring/Summer season.  Its dope frame color combinations and heaven sent lens color options have me in complete awe.  The Reflector radiates fun in the sun, beautiful people and exotic drinks.  I think I will head to the beach now.   

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Meet Bailey

posted by Darryl on May 17 2015, under Eyewear

There is really no excuse for wearing boring eyewear.  There are so many awesome eyewear designers to choose from that mundane and boring eyewear should be banned for life.  The Bailey design by Claire Goldsmith has taken a classic shape and dressed it up with tons of flare.  My favorites are the crystal color options.  I love how the face and temple junction grabs attention with a pop of color and the classic key hole bridge gives a timeless yet hip appearance.  Thank you Claire for keeping eyewear classic yet fun and exciting. 

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It's All About the Money

posted by Darryl on May 15 2015, under Eyewear

When I first laid eyes on this masterpiece, the first thing that came to mind was TI's song, "It's all about the money."   Lol.  The money green over-sized aviator radiates affluent swagger.  I love the details of the design from the marble appearance to tone-on-tone colored lenses.  Fellas, this frame is a must have. 


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Something Beautiful

posted by Darryl on May 11 2015, under Eyewear

It is rare that I express that something is beautiful because I typically save that description for my wife.  I must admit that Vidal from RVS has created some BEAUTIFUL designs when it comes to eyewear.  This week I would like to highlight the Beauty model.  The name is self explanatory.  The provocative burst of color and A1 acetate will capture the heart of every eyewear lover.  I honestly love all the color combinations and the design is ingenious.  

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