120 Minutes

posted by Darryl on Oct 28 2014, under Eyewear

What do Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Snoop Lion all have in common?  The obvious answer is phenomenal music, but the answer I am looking for is their love for eyewear.  To be specific, they all have a love for lavish and extrodinary fashionable sunglasses.  After thorough research, I came across the common denominator, A-Morir eyewear by Kerin Rose Gold.   Holy crap!  This brand is on fire.  The biggest celebrities and fashion houses are all aware of Kerin Rose Gold and her fabulous eyewear.  

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Paparazzi Saturdays & Jeremy Tarian Sunglasses Winner (Week #2)

posted by Darryl on Oct 25 2014, under Paparazzi Saturdays

Well, as you know it's Paparazzi Saturdays and I have an awesome line up as always.  This week my favorites go to Paris Hilton, Lea Michele, and Rihanna.  I love Paris's oversized aviator and Lea's cat eyed, two tone sunglasses.   Rihanna's look is simply bold and eye catching.  

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Paparazzi Saturdays, One Lovely Blog Award, and JT Giveaway...Oh My!!!

posted by Darryl on Oct 18 2014, under Paparazzi Saturdays

Happy Saturday, friends.  Today's blog is full of excitement.  First and foremost, it's Paparazzi Saturday! My favorite eyewear of the week goes to Robert Downey Jr.  This guy cannot only act, he has massive swag as well.  I love the color lens and frame shape he chose.  Only real men can pull off color lenses and he did it.

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Designer of the Month: Jeremy Tarian + Giveaway

posted by Darryl on Oct 14 2014, under Designer of the Month

Jeremy plays an intricate role throughout the development process from the creative aspect to the delivery of eyewear. His artistic background and personality has contributed to the Tarian brand making a huge imprint in the optical industry. It is Eye See Euphoria's pleasure to present Jeremy Tarian as our first ever eyewear designer of the month. In collaboration with Jeremy Tarian, Eye See Euphoria will give away several LIMITED EDITION sunglasses throughout the month of October.

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Chopard Sunglasses Giveaway Winner

posted by Darryl on Oct 11 2014, under Eyewear

Wow!  What an amazing 2 weeks!  We were blown away by the participation for the Chopard sunglasses giveaway.  We at Eye See Euphoria would like to thank everyone for their continued support.   A special congratulations to Cvetybaby for winning the Chopard Sunglasses with a value of $500.00.   Stay tuned for next week's giveaway.  Follow us on Instagram and Twitter (@eyeseeeuphoria).

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Linnea & Olsen

posted by Darryl on Oct 10 2014, under Eyewear

It's so hard to believe summer has passed.  I have missed summer  Particularly the heavenly blue skies and intoxicating sunsets.  I know I sound like a hopeless romantic with the aforementioned description but it's true.   I wish I could just have a piece of the summer to last during the Fall and Winter season.

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