posted by Darryl on Feb 23 2015, under Eyewear

Regardless of a person's age or style, when it comes to eyewear Tom Ford always delivers.  The range of design meets the needs of the entire human race.  I really love how one brand can deliver modern, vintage designs and provide for the hipsters as well.  It seems that people from all walks of life find themselves flocking to the brand.  Everyone is addicted to the subtle "T" detail on the temple.

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The Affair

posted by Darryl on Feb 20 2015, under Eyewear

Am I dreaming? Somebody please pinch me if this is indeed a dream.  I cannot believe Barton Perreira and Christian Roth have collaborated and created the ultimate design, "The Affair."  This is a dream come true.  The two brands are among the elite of eyewear and known for their spectacular craftsmanship.  The design has a vintage appeal with a modern touch and will be available this spring. 


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Sweet Wilson

posted by Darryl on Feb 18 2015, under Eyewear

Sweet!  My heart pumps with joy when I come across a new eyewear design.  I sometimes feel like a kid in a candy store or an actor winning an Oscar.   It is just a phenomenal experience when the perfect eyewear is spotted.  Thanks to the awesome craftsmanship of Garrett Leight, I have once again experienced a state of Euphoria.  

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Happy Valentine's Day

posted by Darryl on Feb 14 2015, under Eyewear

Happy Valentine's Day.  Today is a day full of smiles, hugs, kisses and much more (smiles).  Although I have to work for the first half of the day, my wife and I still plan on making the most of it.  As soon I get off work, she will be all dolled up and ready to wine and dine.  I cannot wait to see what she plans on wearing because her sense of style is impeccable and completely turns me on.  Ok enough of my excitement.  In honor of this special day, it was only right to find some of the hottest eyewear with a Valentine's Day theme.  Check out these heart shape designs by Linda Farrow and A-Morir. 

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