Chopard Sunglasses Giveaway

posted by Darryl on Sep 30 2014, under Eyewear

The giveaway is simple and open to anyone across the world.  If you have a mailbox that I can ship from the United States, you could be the lucky winner.  Check out the rules below and good luck!

Enter for a chance to win a pair of Chopard Sunglasses (valued over $500.00).

1. Follow Eye See Euphoria (@eyeseeeuphoria) on Instagram

2. Follow Eye See Euphoria (@eyeseeeuphoria) on Twitter

Just like that, you're entered in the drawing!! 

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Paparazzi Saturdays

posted by Darryl on Sep 27 2014, under Paparazzi Saturdays

First and foremost, happy Saturday friends.  As you know Paparazzi Saturday is my favorite day of the week.  I apologize for missing last Saturday.  It was my wife and I's first year wedding anniversary so she had my undivided attention.  This week I have made up for my absence with some smoking hot celebs in eyewear.  My favorite is Olivia Palmero in her Dior frames and George Clooney styling Persol sunglasses.    

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posted by Darryl on Sep 25 2014, under Eyewear

Have you ever placed a pair of eyewear on your face and felt a state of Euphoria? The Enlightened Mind collection by Massada embodies this feeling.  

MASSADA BACKSTAGE from Massada Eyewear on Vimeo.

The Enlightened Mind campaign is truly one of a kind.  The vivid images radiate a tranquil feeling and a state of joy with eyewear.   The collection consists of immaculate designs in various shapes and colors.  The gentleness of the colors  and meticulous detail of the design were cleverly executed.  Honestly, I have never seen a collection with such conviction.  See collection  here (Massada Eyewear). 

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It's My First Anniversary

posted by Darryl on Sep 21 2014, under Darryl Glover

Bring out the champagne and the wedding pictures.  Today is officially my first year anniversary.   Wow!  It's a blessing to say I married my best friend and the LOVE of my life.  For those new to my blog my wife's name is Adeola.  You can catch her in some of my blog posts styling in eyewear.  Today I chose a few of my favorite pictures from our weddings to share.  I hope you enjoy!

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SUPER Fall/Winter 2014 “Casa Nostra” Sunglasses Collection

posted by Darryl on Sep 18 2014, under Eyewear

The Autumn/Winter 2014 Casa Nostra collection is next to incredible.  Inspiration is captured from within the Italian heritage makes this collection extra special.  I love every frame from this collection.  Check out the Casa Nostra collection here.

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Tales from Orlando

posted by Darryl on Sep 16 2014, under Travel

I thought I would never say this but I take way too may pictures.  Yesterday, I uploaded pictures to my macbook and an error popped up due to the amount of pictures being uploaded at the same time.   Ok, maybe I am being a little extra but you get my point.  Nevertheless, I came across a few pictures  from my trip to Orlando a few weeks back. 

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