SPECtacular Artwork: Kirk & Kirk

posted by Darryl on Sep 30 2015, under SPECtacular Artwork by Karen Goins

Eye See Euphoria has teamed up with eyewear sensation and amazing artist, Karen Goins.  Karen has been featured in our Eye Adore series and is now being featured as a guest (truly family) contributor with Eye See Euphoria.  Please view the amazing artwork and follow her on Instagram to view more of her exquisite drawings.  The images below were inspired by the Kaleidoscope collection by Kirk & Kirk and drawn by the SPECtacular Karen Goins using markers. 

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Think Tarian

posted by Darryl on Sep 28 2015, under Eyewear

When it comes to consistency, what comes to mind is TARIAN.  Jeremy Tarian has consistently provided the optical industry with luxury eyewear and eye catching campaigns.  The Spring 2016 collection, "Think Tarian",  continues to support my theory.  The collection centers around nature's most beautiful and pure elements; ivory, stone and marble.  This inspiration has allowed the Tarian brand to provide premium eyewear that exudes elegance, allure and timeless beauty.   

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The Kaleidoscope Collection by Kirk & Kirk

posted by Darryl on Sep 16 2015, under Eyewear Designer Interviews

Inspired by Kalos, the Greek god of beauty with a  combination of signature material and a touch of classic British styling, I would like to introduce the Kaleidoscope Collection by Kirk & Kirk.  The classic designs were hand made in France from start to finish in their signature lightweight acrylic material.  The mind blowing designs are filled with intoxicating color schemes creating a euphoric feeling. 

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OG Family

posted by Darryl on Sep 9 2015, under Eyewear

When It comes to eyewear, the Goldsmith brand is well respected and in my opinion should be regarded as the royal family of eyewear.  What other designers have knowledge and craftsmanship learned and passed down through four generations?  Ninety years of being in the eyewear industry is quite an achievement and and an enormous milestone. 

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Designer of the Month | Kirk & Kirk

posted by Darryl on Sep 2 2015, under Eyewear Designer Interviews

Friends and family, it is only right that I dedicate the month of September to my friends and new-found favorite, Kirk & Kirk. This month I will be highlighting their brand and their latest Kaleidoscope Collection. The interview below, captures the eyewear brand's philosophy, future and few images from the Kaleidoscope Collection. 

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