Eye Adore | The Aisle of Style

posted by Darryl on Jul 1 2015, under Eye Adore

When it comes to creating the perfect look, Katie from the Aisle of Style is in a league of her own.  The New York fashion guru draws inspiration from well dressed individuals while traveling to various lands.  With her unique fashion perspective, Katie always keeps the fashion world on their toes.  One never knows what combination of colors, patterns or materials she may incorporate into her immaculate style.

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Hello Wren

posted by Darryl on Jun 26 2015, under Eyewear


Seamless fusion with an impeccable artistic design. The Wren model by Blake Kuwahara is purely magnificent. The high grade material and unique colorways will drive any eyewear junkie bonkers. If one is in search for unique designs with tremendous flare but minimalistic feel, check out the Blake Kuwahara collection.

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Eye Adore | Blasian Gurl

posted by Darryl on Jun 15 2015, under Eye Adore

Scorching hot temperatures, exotic drinks and white sands are exactly how I plan on spending my summer.  Finding the perfect swimsuit is a daunting task but finding the perfect pair of sunglasses is even more of a challenge. This week I would like to highlight Victoria from the blog, Blasian Gurl. Victoria has mastered the art of putting together the perfect look for all seasons. I love her taste in fashion for the summer.  Her choice of sexy yet elegant swimwear along with oversized and edgy aviator sunglasses puts Victoria in the forefront of summer fashion. 

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Tremendous Personality

posted by Darryl on Jun 8 2015, under Eyewear

Futuristic and unique with tremendous personality, the Ground Zero 1 x Gentle Monster collaboration is simply magnificent.  In my years of being an eyewear blogger, I have never seen a frame with so much attitude and flare.  The Ground Zero 1 design radiates a EUPHORIC feeling and is a must have for the Spring/Summer season.  

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Super Duper Strength

posted by Darryl on Jun 5 2015, under Eyewear

An individual with extravagant eyewear will always capture my EYE-ttention.  A few weeks back I came across Amy from the blog, Straight A Style.  The name of her blog fits perfectly because her style is definitely grade A, especially her choice of eyewear.  She is giving Toast the Dog a run for his money because I can totally she her as the face of Karen Walker eyewear.  Amy makes the sunglasses look stunning.  If you follow me on Instagram (everyone should), you would have seen the repost.  If not, make sure to follow me as soon as possible (Eye See Euphoria IG). 

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Eye Adore | Modern Ensemble

posted by Darryl on Jun 3 2015, under Eye Adore

This week we would like to highlight Jennifer from Modern Ensemble for her passion for fashion, in particular her love for eyewear. Jennifer feels eyewear is essential in completing an outfit. Her favorite eyewear designer is Celine and clearly one can appreciate why. In the pictures below, I love how Jennifer incorporated a soft neutral frame to complement her summer outfit. Learn more about Jennifer and her style in our one on one interview with her. 

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