Eye Adore | From Hats to Heels By Larissa Bruin

posted by Darryl on Mar 31 2015, under Eye Adore

Psychologist turned fashion guru, Larissa has made a name for herself in the fashion industry.  Her sense of style and flare serves as reference for fashionistas across the world.  When it comes to accessories, I love how Larissa has incorporated eyewear into her everyday style.  Learn more about the From Hats to Heels author's love for eyewear below. 

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posted by Darryl on Mar 30 2015, under Eyewear

I love a unique frame that grabs attention.  You know the type that every few steps one ask what designer are you wearing?  We all have the inner eye-ttention whore that resides in us.  Some keep it at bay and others allow it to roam the earth.  I really love the  Balzary by A-Morir eyewear.  The design has captured every aspect of fashion and along with the best material, Mazzucchelli acetate and premium lenses.  Although my heart loves a black frame the tortoise color is my LOVE.  Which color is your favorite, black or tortoise?

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Eye Adore | Karmigo Style

posted by Darryl on Mar 24 2015, under Eye Adore

As impossible as it may sound, I have found the perfect face.   Pick a shape, color or material and I guarantee that the Karen will be the perfect model.  The eyewear lover owns over 70 pieces and is the perfect muse for any designer.  Please see the pictures below and follow this eyewear connoisseur. 

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Hello Olson

posted by Darryl on Mar 23 2015, under Eyewear

Sophisticated handmade eyewear with the finest acetate.  Driven by artisanship, style and exclusivity.  Larke Optics has captured the attention of eyewear lovers all across the globe.  The London based eyewear company has gained appeal by fusing contemporary design with modern lens technology.

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