EYEREPUBLIC Instagram Awards

posted by Darryl on Aug 11 2015, under Eyewear

When it comes to eyewear, I consider myself to be an enthusiast.  One of my joys in life is meeting people who share the same enthusiasm for eyewear as I do.   Recently, I was contacted by a mutual eyewear connoisseur, Anastasia.  Anastasia is the Chief Editor of EYEREPUBLIC.  EYEREPUBLIC is the first optical publication in Russia that provides a unique community of people that are in love with sunglasses as an accessory and as art.  I was asked to judge the EYEREPUBLIC Instagram Awards.  The judge's panel consisted of eyewear designer Blake Kuwahara, fashion expert/television host Vladislav Lisovets and myself.  

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Hollywood State of Mind

posted by Darryl on Aug 3 2015, under Eyewear

Good morning!  Today I woke up with in a Hollywood state of mind.  You know...glamour and glitz.  Rather than booking a flight to Los Angeles, I did the next best thing!  I opened up my Macbook and searched for the ultimate eyewear that embodied glamour and glitz.  Say hello to the Emilio Pucci model, 0013.  I love the pop of color and how the top bar adds flare. The round shape and subtle imprint of Pucci keeps the design classic and clean.  Which color is your favorite?  

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Subjective Reality

posted by Darryl on Jul 20 2015, under Eyewear

Purveyor of elegance and owner of uniqueness.  This in combination with abstract designs gives Miu Miu a bold identity.  This exact feeling is displayed in their entire collection from the apparel to the accessories.  My obsession with Miu Miu resides in their eyewear.  The oversized and semi rimless eyewear screams, "I am elegant and sophisticated".  My heart throbs every time I see one wearing a piece from their exquisite collection.  Please view my favorite eyewear designs and watch the video from the The Miu Miu Fall Winter 2015 Campaign, Subjective Reality. 

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SALT Optics + AETHER = Ultimate Eyewear

posted by Darryl on Jul 10 2015, under Eyewear

Imagine scorching hot temperatures, sizzling UV rays and high speed winds. This is a reality for adrenaline junkies like myself, petal to the floor motorcyclist, and even skiers. Finding the proper sunglasses for such a scenario can be quite the challenge. Thanks to SALT Optics + Aether, the ultimate eyewear has been created. The Scout and Explorer model was designed for those who love fast pace activities but ideal for anyone.

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